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Access your complete Tax Toolkit through Bloomsbury Professional Online - a complete online tax library and a tax planning, decision-support tool that provide everything you need to deliver the best possible service to your clients. Find out more!

Our online tax library now includes a new service providing expert guidance on Scotland’s unique tax regime. Bloomsbury Professional’sScottish Tax Series, tailored specifically to the needs of tax and accountancy professionals in Scotland, is available now for a free trial.

Irish Tax and Law

At last, a great value online tax and law service for Ireland. Welcome to Bloomsbury Professional Online, the state-of-the-art law and tax online information service featuring: An easy-to-use platform; Comprehensive, practical, high-quality tax and law information; Value for money. Choose from six core services: Irish Tax, Irish Property Law, Irish Company Law, Irish Employment Law, Irish Wills & Probate Law, Irish Criminal Law and Irish Civil Litigation. Click here for more information.

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April 25, 2016

Finance Bill 2016 progress tracker

The key objective of this tracker service is to direct busy professionals to the key measures affecting the corporate and business sectors introduced by the Chancellor on 16 March 2016 and published in the Finance Bill 2016 (full title Finance (No. 2) Bill 2015-16) on 24 March 2016.

April 11, 2016

Register of people with significant control comes into force

A reminder has been issued by the BIS that from 6 April 2016 most unlisted companies are legally required to hold a register of people with significant control (PSC).

April 11, 2016

ICAS/FRC research explores audit skills of the future

Two independent research reports summarising the skills and qualities required by audit teams of the future were published on 7 April.


Our Latest Publications

Capital Gains Tax Reliefs for SMEs and Entrepreneurs 2015/16

  • Rebecca Cave, Chris Williams
  • Capital Gains Tax Reliefs for SMEs and Entrepreneurs 2015/16 (formerly Capital Gains Tax Reliefs for SMEs and Entrepreneurs (formerly the highly-revered Capital Gains Tax, Roll-over, Hold-over and Deferral Reliefs), takes all the essential information on capital gains tax reliefs that may apply to small and medium sized businesses (SMEs), and builds a special focus on reliefs available to entrepreneurs.

How to Master Commercial Mediation

  • David Richbell
  • How to Master Commercial Mediation guides commercial mediators through every stage of their development, from novice to the aspirational standards of the master mediator. Split into three sections, this new title covers the essential skills and processes of effective commercial mediation for three levels of competence: Moulding for novices; Maturing for practising mediators and; Mastering for those who are at the top and wish to maintain their excellence.

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