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October 1, 2014

Current tax consultations as at 1 October 2014

Julian Harris summarises and comments on open and recently closed UK tax consultations

September 30, 2014

CJEU: Rights Holder of Work can Refuse Permission for Discriminatory Parody

Deckmyn and Vrijheidsfonds VZW v Vandersteen, Case C-201/13

September 30, 2014

CJEU: No Extension of Minimum Wage for Public Contracts to Sub-Contractors from other Member State

Bundesdruckerei GmbH v Stadt Dortmund, Case C-549/13

September 22, 2014

HMRC powers and IHT: Sledgehammers and nuts?

Inheritance tax (IHT) avoidance arrangements do not surface very often (or at least not as frequently as certain other taxes).  However, when they do appear, HM Revenue and Customs seem to take particular exception to them. Mark McLaughlin discusses the recent broadening of HMRC's DOTAS powers in relation to IHT.

September 22, 2014

Views sought on how the financial effects of rate regulation should be reported

A Discussion Paper, Reporting the Financial Effects of Rate Regulation (DP/2014/2), has been published for public comment by the IASB.

September 22, 2014

UK Corporate Governance Code is updated

An updated version of the UK Corporate Governance Code was issued by the FRC on 17 September, and will apply to accounting periods beginning on or after 1 October 2014.

September 19, 2014

CASE SUMMARY: Employment Appeals Tribunal

An Employee v An Employer, UD 323/2012, heard on 16 September 2013 and 3 April 2014

September 19, 2014

Amendments published on sales or contributions of assets between an investor and its associate or joint venture

Narrow-scope amendments to IFRS 10, Consolidated Financial Statements and IAS 28, Investments in Associates and Joint Ventures (2011) have been issued by the IASB.

September 9, 2014

Revenue eBrief 75/14 - The High Earners Restriction

The Finance (No 2) Act 2013 introduced a number of changes to the High Earners Restriction regime. The Revenue Commissioners published eBrief 75/14 informing practitioners of the effects of the amendments.

September 8, 2014

Publication of Criminal Justice (Mutual Assistance) (Amendment) Bill

The Minister for Justice, Frances Fitzgerald, launched the publication of the Criminal Justice (Mutual Assistance) Amendment Bill at the end of August.

You're looking at 1–10 of 664 items.
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