IP & IT Law (28 January – 11 February)

Ellie MacKenzie

February 11, 2019

IP & IT News

German regulator orders Facebook to restrict data collection

The Guardian – 7 February 

Following a three-year investigation, a German regulator has announced that Facebook must obtain user consent to combine data from its WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook apps. Users will also have to give voluntary consent for the company to be able to link data collected from third-party websites.


What do they call a ‘Big Mac’ in Europe?

Reddie & Grose – 7 February 

Reddie & Grose discuss the recent decision by the EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) Cancellation Division to cancel the McDonald’s ‘BIG MAC’ EU trade mark registration. The office concluded that the company had not put its trade mark to ‘genuine use’.


Leave.EU and Arron Banks insurance firm fined £120,000 for data breaches

The Guardian – 1 February 

The information commissioner has launched a data protection audit into Leave.EU and the insurance company owned by the campaign’s main financial backer, Arron Banks. Both organisations were fined a total of £120,000 following a number of data protection violations during the EU referendum campaign.


Brexit cancellation of '.eu' domain names confirmed

Out Law – 30 January 

In a ‘no deal’ Brexit scenario, businesses with websites rooted at the '.eu' domain will have two months to transfer ownership to sister companies in the EU. Businesses that do not comply will have their names removed and cancelled.