Arthur Cox Employment Law Yearbook 2018

Sandra Mulvey, General Manager, Ireland

March 13, 2019

The 2018 edition of the Arthur Cox Employment Law Yearbook is now live for subscribers to Irish Employment Law

Editor Máille Brady Bates writes in the Introduction to the new edition:

"This is the eighth volume of the Arthur Cox Employment Law Yearbook, which is designed to set out the latest developments and information on areas that affect employment law in Ireland in 2018. The Arthur Cox Employment Yearbooks are a unique resource for lawyers, human resource professionals, management, public and private sector employers, employees and trade unionists, for whom keeping up-to-date with employment law is an ever-present challenge.

There continues to be a high volume of employment litigation in the WRC and the Labour Court, while there were still a small number of cases heard in the Employment Appeals Tribunal. There have also been many employment cases of note in the civil courts in Ireland and the UK, including applications for judicial review and interlocutory injunctions. Key decisions of the Court of Justice of the European Union and European Court of Human Rights are also noted.

The material for the 2018 Yearbook has been carefully selected by experienced Arthur Cox lawyers in the fields of employment law, data protection, pensions and taxation. The opening chapter of the 2018 Yearbook contains a summary of the cases which follow in subsequent chapters, and is intended to assist the reader by providing a synopsis of the 2018 content. We are delighted to include a contribution, at Chapter 27, on developments on the area of sexual harassment following on from the #MeToo movement by Dee Masters, Barrister of Cloisters Chambers in the UK.

The line for inclusion in the 2018 Yearbook was drawn as of 1 December 2018. Work on the Arthur Cox Employment Law Yearbook 2019 is already in progress.

A particular word of thanks must go to Nadia Bhatti, who worked with Arthur Cox to put together the internal monthly employment law update briefings on which the 2018 Yearbook is based, and to Siobhán Mulholland for her unfailing expertise, guidance and support to the Arthur Cox team.

Others deserving of special thanks are Amy Hayes of Bloomsbury Professional, whose encouragement, patience and assistance were much valued, Jack Sweeney of Bloomsbury Professional for designing the book cover, Andrew Turner for indexing, Marie Armah-Kwantreng for typesetting and tabling and Dee Masters for providing her valuable insights on one of the most discussed issues in 2018.

Sincere thanks also to all those in Arthur Cox who contributed to this Yearbook, in particular our subject matter experts and our trainees for their efforts in collating the cases for inclusion in the text."