Cornerstone on Anti-social Behaviour

Andy Hill, Head of Legal Publishing

May 16, 2019

The new edition of Cornerstone on Anti-social Behaviour is now live for subscribers to Local Government Law.

Author Kuljit Bhogal writes in her Preface to the 2nd edition:

"Following the publication of the revised Statutory Guidance for Frontline Professionals and some case law (at last!), the requests for a further edition have been overwhelming. It’s been a mammoth task but here it is …

Like the first edition this book has been written with both lawyers and non-lawyers in mind. I have created a ‘one-stop shop’ for the resources that anyone working in the anti-social behaviour field will require.

The contents have been fully revised and whilst some of the material will be familiar to readers, references to new case law and legislation have been added, the text has been updated and there are even more template documents.

In writing this edition there are several people to whom I owe huge thanks. The starting point are my Mathaji, Prakash Kaur and my parents Bhajan Singh and Salinder Kaur Bhogal who support me in everything I do. Words cannot express how much I owe to them. I also thank the rest of the Bhogal, Syan and Karir families.

A special thanks to my husband Indy Syan and our children Amaya and Arjan. As ever, they have provided love, encouragement and humour when it was needed most.

I thank all my clients, many of whom who have provided case studies and invaluable feedback on the first edition. I also thank Stuart McNair (contributor of the sample prohibitions in Appendix E).

Thanks too to all of my colleagues, both members of Chambers and staff, who have helped to forge this book (and the previous edition) and provided encouragement and support. Particular thanks for the input provided by my valued friends and colleagues: Philip Kolvin QC, Ranjit Bhose QC, Jon Holbrook, Catherine Rowlands, Andrew Lane, Shomik Datta, Josef Cannon, Clare Parry, Jennifer Oscroft, Ryan Kohli, Zoe Whittington, Ben de Feu, Tara O’Leary, Richard Hanstock (contributor of the new committals section in Chapter 3), Ruchi Parekh, John Fitzsimons, Dr Alex Williams and Dr Sam Fowles.

I also thank everyone at Bloomsbury, especially Leanne Barrett and Gillian Pickering.

The law is stated as at 15 March 2019 and any errors are my own.

Kuljit Bhogal

Public law barrister

Cornerstone Barristers"