Family Law (31 May – 14 June)

Ellie MacKenzie

June 14, 2019

Family News 

End to divorce ‘blame game’ moves closer

Gov.UK – 13 June 

The landmark Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill introduced by Justice Secretary David Gauke on 13 June, as the UK gets one step closer to no-fault divorce. The new law will mean that couples do not have to make accusations against each other and will make it easier for couples to move on amicably.


Study Links Domestic Violence and Mental Illness Risks

Family Law Week – 10 June 

A study in the British Journal of Psychiatry has found that women who are subject to domestic violence are three times more likely to develop a serious mental illness. The women are also twice as likely to already have a mental illness. The study compared 18,547 women who had been documented to have experienced abuse with 74,188 women who had not.


Secure children's home placements plummet

Cypnow – 7 June 

According to new figures from the Department for Education, the number of children placed in secure children's homes has fallen to its lowest ever level. There has been an annual reduction of 16%, thanks to a significant reduction in youth justice placements.


Another step forward in surrogacy reform

Marilyn Stowe Blog – 6 June 

The Law Commission has released their consultation paper on surrogacy reform, consisting of thoughts, recommendations and proposals on reforming current surrogacy law. Proposals include: recognising the intended parents as legal parents from the time of birth; creating a national surrogacy register; and greater regulation surrounding surrogacy arrangements.


Government tackled over release of domestic abuse suspects without bail curbs

Care Appointments – 6 June

The government has been criticised after an inspection report earlier this year found rising numbers of domestic abuse suspects were being released without bail conditions. Police have been releasing suspects ‘under investigation’ and are not imposing curbs such as a ban on contacting the alleged victim.