Income Tax 2019/20

Dave Wright, Tax and Accountancy Publisher

October 10, 2019

 The September Update for Income Tax 2019/20 is now live for Subscribers to UK Tax.

The following paragraphs have been updated for this release:

1.63 HMRC research on High Income Child Benefit Charge awareness and understanding

2.97 Details of the joint policy paper from HM Treasury and HMRC Tackling tax avoidance, evasion, and other forms of non-compliance

4.19 HMRC consultation on draft regulations for ensuring maturing Child Trust Funds retain their tax-free status

6.52 Commentary on armed forces accommodation allowance payments updated

6.78 HMRC advisory fuel rates from 1 September 2019 added

6.118 Commentary on the recent IR35 case George Mantides Ltd [2019] TC 07202 added

6.119 Commentary on the recent taxpayer victory in the IR35 case Kickabout Productions Ltd [2019] TC 07230 added

7.76 Commentary on Roulette V2 Charters LLP [2019] TC 07331, which concerned whether a business was being carried on on a commercial basis, added