Ray & McLaughlin’s Practical Inheritance Tax Planning

Dave Wright, Tax and Accountancy Publisher

February 13, 2020

Ray and McLaughlin’s Practical Inheritance Tax Planning has been updated and is now live for subscribers to UK Tax. The key points to be covered are as follows:

  • Gifts to charities – A note of the Supreme Court’s decision in Routier & Anor v Revenue and Customs [2019] UKSC 43. [See 9.26]
  • Omission to exercise a right – Commentary on Revenue and Customs v Parry & Ors [2018] EWCA Civ 2266. [See 1.22]
  • Gifts with reservation – A report of Hood v Revenue and Customs [2018] EWCA Civ 2405. [See 5.5]
  • Survivorship and the ‘commorientes’ rule – A summary of Scarle James Deceased, the Estate of v Scarle Marjorie Deceased, the Estate of [2019] EWHC 2224 Ch. [See 11.1]
  • Settled excluded property – Reference to the Finance Bill 2019-20 legislation on additions of assets by UK domiciled individuals to trusts made when they were non-UK domiciled, and the transfer of excluded property between trusts. [See 3.4, 13.50]
  • Domicile – Commentary on Proles v Kohli [2018] EWHC 767 (Ch) regarding domicile of choice under general law. [see 2.12]  
  • Time limits for assessments etc. – Commentary on extended assessment time limits for IHT purposes. [see 22.61-22.62]
  • Disclosure of Tax Avoidance Schemes (DOTAS) and DAC6 – Commentary on the strengthening of the DOTAS rules for IHT purposes, and also the prospective introduction of DAC6. [See 22.88-22.89]
  • Professional conduct in relation to taxation (PRCT) – Commentary on the PCRT rules for members of various professional bodies. [See 22.90-22.91]