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July 2, 2020

Tax and Accounting Update: 2nd July 2020

The latest release of Tax and Accounting Update is now live for subscribers to UK Tax.

July 1, 2020

One Month in a Minute: June 2020

Lee Sharpe summarizes recent developments in UK tax.

July 1, 2020

IHT: valuations of assets in a falling market

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a huge impact on the UK economy. The Institute of Fiscal Studies recently reported that the FTSE all-share index fell by 35 per cent between 2 January and 23 March.

Furthermore, the Express reported that experts predicted the average house price in the UK will fall by 13 per cent by the end of 2020.

July 1, 2020

Courts and Tribunals: June 2020

Julian Harris summarises selected recent decisions.

July 1, 2020

VAT cases roundup: June 2020

Andrew Needham comments on recent VAT cases.

July 1, 2020

Current tax consultations as at 1 July 2020

Open and recently closed tax consultations are summarised by Julian Harris.

July 1, 2020

Off-Payroll Tax Handbook

A new title, Off-Payroll Tax Handbook has been added to the UK Tax service.

June 30, 2020

Bloomsbury IP/IT Law Briefing

The June issue of the Bloomsbury IP/IT Law Briefing is now live for subscribers to Intellectual Property and IT.

You're looking at 1–10 of 2861 items.