Immigration Law (30 April – 14 May)

Ellie MacKenzie

May 15, 2018

Immigration News

Tracking illegal immigrants using NHS records will end, says Minister

The Telegraph – 9 May 

The Government has announced that NHS health records will no longer be used to track down illegal immigrants. NHS information will now only be shared with the Home Office in cases of ‘serious criminality’.


Jobcentres sanctioning refugees for learning English, watchdog finds

The Guardian – 9 May 

The chief inspector of borders and immigration, David Bolt, has criticised the Home Office in a recent report. Bolt cites the error that some refugee families are being wrongly sanctioned by jobcentres for attending English-language courses, and have had their welfare payments stopped. The report also criticised the lack of support and training that jobcentre staff have received.


Bureaucracy row leaves dozens of migrants stranded at sea for three days

Sky News – 8 May 

Over 100 migrants have been stranded at sea for more than three days following a row between the UK, Italy and Libya over who is responsible for taking control of the migrants. Rescue charities claim they cannot return the migrants to Libya due to the ‘dire security situation’ but critics say having rescue operations encourages migrants to attempt the crossing into Europe.


At least 1,000 highly skilled migrants wrongly face deportation, experts reveal

The Guardian – 6 May 

According to experts, the Home Office has been abusing section 322(5) of the Immigration Act, which is designed to tackle terrorism. At least 1,000 highly skilled migrants are wrongly facing deportation, in the latest immigration scandal. These workers are often facing deportation due to minor amendments to their tax records or discrepancies in their declared income.


MPs vote against Windrush disclosures

BBC News – 2 May 

MPs have voted against a motion that wanted the government to hand over evidence relating to its immigration policy for the Windrush generation. 180 Labour MPS voted in favour, while 306 Conservatives opposed the motion. The Windrush scandal has led to mass criticism of the Home Office and its ‘hostile environment’ immigration policies.