ICAEW member FAQs

Access and technical support – member specific

  • I am having trouble logging in – who should I contact?

Please visit https://my.icaew.com/memberfirmaccess/ to register or login. You will need your firm reference number in order to register. Your practice assurance principal should be able to supply this information. The reference will begin with a "C" or "A" and can be found in your annual return or on other firm correspondence from ICAEW.

For more information on how to register or log in to this site, visit the ICAEW website or contact ICAEW

Technical support - general

  • I’m logged in but I’m experiencing technical difficulties or problems accessing content – who should I contact?

To find out about the site's functionality, view our functionality video.

If you are having other technical problems with this website, contact our customer service team at customerservices@bloomsburyprofessional.com.

Help with using Bloomsbury Accounting and Tax Service

  • Why is my search not bringing up the content I am expecting?

Have you filtered your search? For a site-wide search, use the top right search box. You can then further refine those results using the search box on the right hand side to get closer to the result you are looking for

Have you excluded content types? Check your ‘Refine Results’ filter to ensure that relevant content types are selected (select Commentary to include results from the core expert commentary content). 

For more help with searching, visit our search help page or view our search help video.

  • How do I access legislation?

Click on ‘Legislation’ in the black menu bar to filter site contents to legislation. View some popular legislation below:

UK Tax Legislation

Companies Legislation

Auditing Standards

UK Accounting Standards

  • How do I find out when some content has been updated?

All notifications of updates are covered in our New and Noteworthy service, which you can find on the homepage. Clicking on the link in each story will take you the relevant content homepage which will give some more detail about what has been updated.