Browsing your books

When you first log into the site, all the books available as part of your subscription are listed at the left of the screen under the "Browse My Books" heading.

The Browse My Books list on the homepage

To open a particular title, click on it. For example, to open "The Law of Private Companies" click on those words in the Browse My Books list. You may have to scroll down, depending on how many products you subscribe to. The product homepage will then open.

To find out about using product homepages, click the relevant part of the image below. For example, to find out about browsing click the table of contents.

The home page of The Law of Private Companies

Using the table of contents

To open a chapter in the table of contents, click on it. For example, to open Chapter 2, click on the words "Chapter 2: Formation, Registration and Conversion of Private Companies" in the table of contents.

Chapter 2 of Law of Private Companies, opened from the table of contents

Chapter 2 is now displayed in the main document window and the table of contents has opened to show the sub-headings contained within that chapter. Note too that the sub-headings are also displayed in the document window.

You can open any other chapter in the book by clicking on it in the table of contents.

You can return to the book homepage at any time by either clicking the title of the book in the table of contents, or by clicking the title of the book in the bibliographic material under the document title.

Searching the current book

Whenever you have a book open you can search just within that book by using the Search within book function.

The Search Within Book function limits your search to the current book

 Enter search terms in this box and click "Go" (or press "Enter" on the keyboard) to review search results from the current book.

The bibliographic information for the current book

Every book contained in Bloomsbury Professional Online contains bibliographic information to help you identify the author, edition and date of that title.

Bibliographic information for the current book

The following information is provided:

  • Book title
  • Author(s) or Editor(s)
  • ISBN number
  • Publisher
  • Copyright information
  • Edition
  • Publication date
  • Law stated at date

The summary information for the current book

Each book has summary information describing the book contents and, where relevant, may highlight updates and additions in the most edition or release.