Content filters

The Content Filters on Bloomsbury Professional Online enable you to narrow your view of the site to content of a particular type. You may find this helpful when you wish to search or when you wish to browse.

The Content Filters bar, shown above, enables you to filter your content to show the following:

  • All Content - i.e. no filters applied
  • Cases - show only full text case reports
  • Commentary - show only publications which are mostly or entirely commentary on a topic
  • Legislation - show only full text legislation
  • Precedents - show only publications which are mostly or entirely comprised of precedents¬†

For example, to show only commentary publications, click the "Commentary" button.

The site will change to a browse view displaying only commentary publications as shown above.

In order to search within the commentary publications only, enter your search terms in the "Search within results" box at the top left of the screen.

To return to a full view of all content contained within your subscription either click the "All content" button in the content filter bar, or click the "Bloomsbury Professional" logo at the top of the page to return to the site homepage.