New & Noteworthy

The New & Noteworthy newsfeed is prepared by our online current awareness team. It provides detailed technical analysis of new developments relevant to Bloomsbury Professional customers. It includes summaries of recent cases and legislation with comment on other relevant developments.

A full archive of all stories is maintained on the site.

The New & Noteworthy newsfeed is also available as an RSS feed. If you already have an RSS capable reader - like Microsoft Outlook 2007, or later - just click on the orange RSS symbol and follow the prompts.

The New and Noteworthy newsfeed with RSS button

You can also add the newsfeed to homepages which are capable of consuming RSS, for example iGoogle. To add the Bloomsbury Professional newsfeed to your iGoogle homepage, first click the "Add gadgets" link at the top right of your homepage.

The "Add Gadget" link on an iGoogle homepage

Then click the "Add feed or gadget" link at the bottom left of the Google Gadgets page.

Add RSS feed to iGoogle homepage

The URL for the New & Noteworthy feed is:

Click "Add" and the Bloomsbury Professional news feed will now appear on your iGoogle homepage so you can always keep up to date with the new articles which appear on Bloomsbury Professional Online.

Bloomsbury Professional news feed on iGoogle homepage