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The Abolition of Feudal Tenure in Scotland

Author: Kenneth G C Reid

ISBN: 9781845927516

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Edition: 1st

Publisher: Bloomsbury Professional

Law As Stated At: 1 June 2003

The Abolition of Feudal Tenure in Scotland

The Abolition of Feudal Tenure in Scotland

Abolition of the feudal system is the most important single change to have occurred in land law in Scotland. Part 4 of the Abolition of Feudal Tenure (Sc) Act 2000, which deals with saving feudal burdens, came into force at the end of 2003, and the Act will be fully in force in November 2004. Practitioners need to grapple with the complex legislative provisions reforming Scottish property law and this book will be an essential aid. Professor Reid, the leading expert in this field, provides a clear and comprehensive guide to the implications of the abolition of the feudal system. His approach is highly practical throughout. Key sections of the Abolition of Feudal Tenure etc (Sc) Act 2000, as amended by the Title Conditions (Sc) Act 2003, and completed examples of forms prescribed by the Act are reproduced in the Appendices.

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