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Bloomsbury Professional Tax Guide 2022/23

Author: Multi-authored

Publication Date: 2022

Publisher: Bloomsbury Professional

Law As Stated At: 24 February 2022

Bloomsbury Professional Tax Guide 2022/23

Bloomsbury Professional Tax Guide 2022/23

The Bloomsbury Professional Tax Guide provides an accessible overview of the fundamental issues which are central to an understanding of the UK tax system. The authors take a practical approach to explaining the complexities of the tax rules, illustrating the key themes discussed, with examples showing the impact of the rules. The aim is to provide the user with a sound overview of the topics covered, helping them understand the vast majority of the main tax challenges that they may encounter.

The commentary has been bought up-to-date with Finance Act 2022, recent changes to HMRC guidance and relevant case decisions. Examples have also been updated throughout.

Contributors to this product are as follows:

Zeeshan Khilji CTA ETC Tax

Ken Wright BA, CA, CTA Mark McLaughlin Associates

Mark McLaughlin CTA (Fellow), ATT (Fellow), TEP Mark McLaughlin Associates

Sarah Bradford BA (Hons) FCA, CTA (Fellow) WriteTax Ltd

Rachael Brown LLB (Hons), ATT RSM UK

Reshma Johar CTA, ATT CBW LLP

Andrew Needham BA, CTA VAT Specialists Ltd

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