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Capital Allowances: Transactions and Planning 2020/21

Authors: MA Martin Wilson and Steven Bone

Edition: 2020/21

Publication Date: July 2020

Publisher: Bloomsbury Professional

Law As Stated At: 1 May 2020

Capital Allowances: Transactions and Planning 2020/21

Capital Allowances: Transactions and Planning 2020/21

Adopting a practical approach, and with a unique transaction-based structure and special features such as pro forma elections and checklists, this content guides you through the practical realities of a claim, rather than just presenting the bare facts of statute and case law. Legislation is comprehensively covered, but with the emphasis on interpretation and explanation, rather than mere repetition of the wording of statute.

The most recent update takes into account the following developments:

  • Update and expansion of material on structures and buildings allowances (2.7)
  • Update and addition of cases covering plant and machinery allowances for buildings and structures, residential property, and long-funding leases; industrial buildings allowances in enterprise zones; business premises renovation allowances and land remediation relief (Appendix 4)
  • Expansion of the chapters on land remediation relief (Chapter 24) and tax incentives for R&D (Chapter 19)
  • Update of first-year allowances to reflect changes introduced by Finance Bill 2020 (14.15) and the abolition of enhanced capital allowances for energy saving and environmentally beneficial plant (14.26).

This is essential reading for anyone incurring capital expenditure on property and looking to maximise capital allowances and related tax-related reliefs on a wide range of commercial transactions. This content has been updated by Steven Bone from Gateley Capitus (, and Martin Wilson.