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Capital Tax Acts 2022

Michael Buckley, BA, Dip in Legal Studies

ISBN: 9781526520340

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Edition: 30th

Publication Date: April 2022

Publisher: Bloomsbury Professional

Capital Tax Acts 2022

Capital Tax Acts 2022

Now in its thirtieth edition, this indispensable guide to capital taxes provides the reader with fully consolidated and annotated legislation in the areas of stamp duty, capital acquisitions tax and local property tax. All changes brought about by Finance Act 2021 are incorporated into the text. All relevant information issued by the Revenue Commissioners is also referenced.

Each of the three sections of the book takes a different area of tax and runs through each Act and SI that is relevant to it. The legislation is accompanied by notes which set out definitions, amendments, cross-references, e-Briefings, Tax Briefings, former enactments and relevant case law.