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Amendments of the Companies Act 1985

Companies Legislation

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21 March 2024
Companies Act 1989 Part III: INVESTIGATIONS AND POWERS TO OBTAIN INFORMATION Investigations by inspectors not leading to published report. Production of documents and evidence to inspectors. Duty of inspectors to report. Expenses of investigating a company's affairs. Power of Secretary of State to present winding-up petition. Inspectors' reports as evidence. Investigation of company ownership. Entry and search of premises. Punishment for destroying, mutilating, etc. company documents. Disclosure of information by Secretary of State or inspector. Protection of banking information. Investigation of oversea companies. Investigation of unregistered companies. Amendments of the Financial Services Act 1986 Amendments of other enactments Amendment of the Building Societies Act 1986. Powers exercisable to assist overseas regulatory authorities Request for assistance by overseas regulatory authority. Powers exercisable to assist overseas regulatory authorities Power to require information, documents or other assistance. Exercise of powers by officer, &c. Penalty for failure to comply with requirement, &c. Restrictions on ...

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