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Company names

Companies Legislation

Bloomsbury Professional
Law Stated At:
31 December 2023
Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act 2023 PART 1: Companies etc 8: Names for criminal purposes 9: Names suggesting connection with foreign governments etc 10: Names containing computer code 11: Prohibition on re-registering name following direction 12: Prohibition on using name that another company has been directed to change 13: Directions to change name: period for compliance 14: Requirements to change name: removal of old name from public inspection 15: Objections to company's registered name 16: Misleading indication of activities 17: Direction to change name used for criminal purposes 18: Direction to change name wrongly registered 19: Registrar's power to change names containing computer code 20: Registrar's power to change company's name for breach of direction 21: Sections 19 and 20: consequential amendments 22: Company names: exceptions based on national security etc ...

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