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[Part 3: Annual Report on Remuneration

Companies Legislation

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21 March 2024
Statutory Instruments SI 2008 No. 410: Large and Medium-sized Companies and Groups (Accounts and Reports) Regulations 2008 [Schedule 8: QUOTED COMPANIES [AND TRADED COMPANIES] 2 : DIRECTORS' REMUNERATION REPORT Single total figure of remuneration for each director [Definitions applicable to the single total figure table [Additional requirements in respect of the single total figure table [Total pension entitlements [Scheme interests awarded during the financial year [Payments to past directors [Payments for loss of office [Statement of directors' shareholding and share interests [Performance graph and table [[Annual percentage change in remuneration of directors and employees] 2 [Pay ratio information in relation to the total remuneration of the director undertaking the role of Chief Executive Officer [Requirement to provide pay ratio information [Pay ratios table [Pay ratios methods [Additional requirements in respect of the pay ratios table [Relative importance of spend on pay [Statement of implementation of remuneration policy in the following ...

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