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SCHEDULE 11 Provisions Relating to Statutory Undertakers etc

Compulsory Purchase and Compensation Service

Edited by:
Guy Roots QC
Bloomsbury Professional
Division 2: Statutory Instruments 2006 No 1954 Transport and Works (Model Clauses for Railways and Tramways) Order 2006 Apparatus of statutory undertakers etc on land acquired SCHEDULE 2 Model Clauses for Tramways Part 1 Preliminary Part 2 Works Provisions Streets Supplemental powers Part 3 Acquisition and Possession of Land Part 4 Operation of Tramway System SCHEDULE 1 Scheduled Works SCHEDULE 2 Acquisition of Certain Land for Ancillary Works SCHEDULE 3 Streets Subject to Alteration of Layout SCHEDULE 4 Streets to be Stopped Up Part 1 Streets for which a Substitute is to be Provided Part 2 Streets for which No Substitute is to be Provided SCHEDULE 5 Streets to be Temporarily Stopped Up SCHEDULE 6 Access to Works SCHEDULE 7 Level Crossings SCHEDULE 8 Modification of Compensation and Compulsory Purchase Enactments for Creation of New Rights SCHEDULE 9 Land of which only Subsoil More than 9 Metres Beneath Surface may ...

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