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Conveyancing Practice in Scotland

Authors: Ann Stewart and Euan Sinclair

ISBN: 9781526509468

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Edition: 8th

Publication Date: 2020

Publisher: Bloomsbury Professional

Conveyancing Practice in Scotland

Conveyancing Practice in Scotland

Covering the many changes to property law and conveyancing practice driven by the Scottish Parliament in recent years, including its land reform agenda, Conveyancing Practice in Scotland, Eighth Edition is an indispensable guide for residential and commercial property lawyers at all levels.

Encompassing both commercial and residential conveyancing, the Eighth Edition of this highly regarded text, has been reviewed and updated throughout to take account of:

- evolving and settled practice under the Land Registration etc (Scotland) Act 2012

- the practical effects of the community rights to buy

- introduction of the Additional Dwelling Supplement on Land and Buildings Transaction Tax

- prospective effects of the proposed Register of Controlled Interests in Land

- the Scottish Law Commission proposals for changes to the law relating to title conditions, and heritable securities

In addition to the property law aspects, this text also covers the practical and ethical considerations of acting in a conveyancing transaction, such as anti-money laundering procedures and conflicts of interest. Standard missive clauses are examined in detail with reference to their application in practice.

Written by practising lawyers with many years of transactional and mentoring experience, this book is the only practical guide to managing conveyancing transactions in Scotland.

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