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Core Tax Annual: Inheritance Tax: 2018/19

Authors: Mark McLaughlin, Iris Wünschmann-Lyall and Chris Erwood

ISBN: 9781526505545

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Publisher: Bloomsbury Professional

Law As Stated At: 1 April 2019

Core Tax Annual: Inheritance Tax: 2018/19

Core Tax Annual: Inheritance Tax: 2018/19

This essential guide to inheritance tax provides a clearly structured analysis of the major inheritance tax provisions together with relevant tips, pitfalls and planning techniques needed to apply them successfully.

Inheritance Tax 2018/19 guides you step-by-step through the complexities of this increasingly difficult subject. It starts with the basic rules and principles before looking at topics in more depth, including lifetime transfers, gifts with reservation of benefit, settled property, and the various exemptions and reliefs including business and agricultural property relief. Whatever your level of expertise and experience, this book should be a valuable asset to your practice.

Bloomsbury Professional Core Tax Annuals include 'signposts' at the beginning of each chapter containing a summary of the main points and cross-references to relevant sections of the chapter. These, along with the 'focus' sections highlighting the key points in each chapter and examples which are presented in shaded panels for easier reference, makes Inheritance Tax 2018/19 a convenient and accessible resource.

This edition is packed full of practical features including worked examples, precedents, and common-sense know-how. Tax advisers using this book will find it a helpful asset, no matter how complicated the inheritance tax scenario encountered.

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