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Inheritance Tax 2023/24

Authors: Mark McLaughlin, CTA (Fellow) ATT (Fellow) TEP, Iris Wünschmann-Lyall, MA (Cantab) TEP, Chris Erwood, CTA ATT TEP, and Stephen Howe

ISBN: 9781526523471

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Publication Date: April 2024

Publisher: Bloomsbury Professional

Law As Stated At: 6 April 2024

Inheritance Tax 2023/24

Inheritance Tax 2023/24

Inheritance Tax 2023/24 provides a clearly structured analysis of the major inheritance tax (IHT) provisions together with the tips and planning techniques needed to apply them successfully and to avoid potential pitfalls.

This authoritative guide to IHT helps you navigate progressively through the complexities of an increasingly difficult subject. It starts with the basic rules and principles before looking at topics in more depth. Whatever your level of expertise and experience, this content will be a valuable resource. Commentary is supported by a range of practical worked examples

The commentary also features ‘signposts’ at the start of chapters, which are designed to assist readers in finding the material they need more quickly and efficiently. Key commentary in the chapters is highlighted as ‘Focus’ points, to help readers identify and remember important information. In addition, the many examples are featured in a table, for ease of reference.

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