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Cornerstone on Information Law

Author: Damien Welfare BA (Hons), MSc, FRSA Barrister

ISBN: 9781784514129

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Edition: 1st

Publication Date: 27 June 2019

Publisher: Bloomsbury Professional

Law As Stated At: 1 April 2019

Cornerstone on Information Law

Cornerstone on Information Law

Cornerstone on Information Law is a one-volume practical guide focused on data protection law, freedom of information and the environmental information regulations. Covering the GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018, the title is up to date with adaptations to UK data protection law in the event of Brexit; while also explaining the law before Brexit, or if it does not occur.

It is an essential reference work for Data Protection Officers/FOI Information Officers and busy in-house lawyers in local authorities and the public sector generally; and, those in large and small businesses with data protection responsibilities. It covers the essential areas for practitioners in this fast-changing framework.

The guide has been organised for easy navigation and browsing, with many real world examples and worked scenarios. It aims to form a bridge between the introductory and the detailed levels, avoiding an overly-detailed legal approach, while equipping readers with the knowledge they need to deal with both specific problems and day-to-day issues.

Key topics covered include:

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Data Protection Act 2018 (including exemptions from the GDPR)

A summary of the regime for law enforcement data processing

UK changes to data protection law in the event of Brexit

Freedom of Information Act 2000

Environmental Information Regulations 2004

Damien Welfare is a member of Cornerstone Barristers specialising in information law. He is also a contributor to Cornerstone on Councillors' Conduct, and a Member of the Examination Board for the Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection (

This book forms part of the successful 'Cornerstone on…' series of authoritative titles published by Bloomsbury Professional.

Public Law barristers at Cornerstone Barristers are recognised experts in Information Law (Data Protection, Freedom of Information, and the Environmental Information Regulations) and hold seminars and training on these topics.