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Making Tax Digital (MTD)

Tax and Accounting Update

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Bloomsbury Professional staff
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Agent Updates Agent Update 66 Helping you plan for MTD What is MTD? When is this due to happen? What you and your clients can do to plan and prepare What actions can I take? Who can set up an agent services account? Why do I need a new agent services account? How do I set up an agent services account? Who should set up the agent services account? Before you start Add clients to your agent services account Where to find help Compliance Corporate Interest Restrictions (CIR) Digitalisation of Venture Capital Trust (VCT) return Guidance published for £1,000 trading and property income allowances Ensuring employers meet their automatic enrolment (AE) pension duties Company Tax Unique Tax Reference (UTR) The Trusts Registration Service Volunteers wanted Spotlight Repayments made easier - Corporation Tax Tax is changing in Wales - Income Tax Apprenticeship levy Transferring apprenticeship service funds to another employer Future ...

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