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Discrimination Law

Author/Edited by:
Andrew Burns and Pauline Hughes
Bloomsbury Professional
G Gender pay gap accompanied by signed statement, 4B-1814 ‘bonus pay’, 4B-1804 definitions, 4B-1801 differences in pay mean bonus, 4B-1810 mean hourly rate, 4B-1808 median bonus, 4B-1811 median hourly rate, 4B-1809 duty to publish, 4B-1802 employee’s working hours, 4B-1807 generally , 1C 1926 –1927 ‘hourly rate of pay’, 4B-1806 ‘ordinary pay’, 4B-1803 ‘pay period’, 4B-1805 proportion of male and female employees according to quartile pay bands, 4B-1813 who received bonus pay, 4B-1812 public authorities, and ‘bonus pay’, 4B-1912 definitions , 4B 1909 difference in pay, 4B-1916–1919 duty to publish, 4B-1910 employee’s working hours, 4B-1915 generally , 4B 1903 ‘hourly rate of pay’, 4B-1914 ‘ordinary pay’, 4B-1911 ‘pay period’, ...

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