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10 Making reasonable adjustments to premises – legal considerations

Discrimination Law

Author/Edited by:
Andrew Burns and Pauline Hughes
Bloomsbury Professional
Part 4: Materials Division 4D: Codes of Practice Disability Discrimination Act 1995: Code of Practice: Trade Organisations, Qualifications Bodies and General Qualifications Bodies Introduction What about the need to obtain statutory consent for some building changes? Building Regulations and building design What if a binding obligation other than a lease prevents a building being altered? What happens if a lease says that certain changes to premises cannot be made? What happens if the lessor has a ‘superior’ lessor? How do arrangements for gaining consent work? When is it unreasonable for a lessor to withhold consent? What conditions would it be reasonable for a lessor to make when giving consent? What happens if the lessor refuses consent or attaches conditions to consent? Comparison with the procedure for obtaining consent under Part 3 ...

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