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Appendix A: The Meaning of Disability

Discrimination Law

Author/Edited by:
Andrew Burns and Pauline Hughes
Bloomsbury Professional
Part 4: Materials Division 4D: Codes of Practice Disability Discrimination Act 1995: Code of Practice: Trade Organisations, Qualifications Bodies and General Qualifications Bodies When is a person disabled? What about people who no longer have a disability? What does ‘impairment’ cover? Are all mental impairments covered? What is a ‘substantial’ adverse effect? What is a ‘long-term’ effect? What if the effects come and go over a period of time? What are ‘normal day-to-day activities’? What about treatment? Does this include people who wear spectacles? Are people who have disfigurements covered? Are there any other people who are automatically treated as disabled under the Act? What about people who know their condition is going to get worse over time? What about people who are blind or partially sighted? Are people with genetic conditions covered? Are any conditions specifically excluded from the coverage of the Act? ...

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