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Chapter 6: Duty to make reasonable adjustments

Discrimination Law

Author/Edited by:
Andrew Burns and Pauline Hughes
Bloomsbury Professional
Part 4: Materials Division 4D: Codes of Practice Equality Act 2010: Code of Practice: Employment Part one Introduction What the Act says What is the duty to make reasonable adjustments? Which disabled people does the duty protect? What is a provision, criterion or practice? What is a ‘physical feature’? What is an ‘auxiliary aid’? What disadvantage gives rise to the duty? What if the employer does not know that a disabled person is an actual or potential job applicant? What if the employer does not know the worker is disabled? What is meant by ‘reasonable steps’? Can failure to make a reasonable adjustment ever be justified? What happens if the duty is not complied with? Reasonable adjustments in practice The Access to Work scheme ...

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