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Employment and Commercial Disputes: The International Aspects

Author: Paul Nicholls QC

ISBN: 9781526515803

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Publication Date: 2021

Publisher: Bloomsbury Professional

Law As Stated At: 1 October 2020

Employment and Commercial Disputes: The International Aspects

Employment and Commercial Disputes: The International Aspects

A guide to the conflict of laws dealing with jurisdiction and applicable law in commercial and employment-related cases enabling practitioners to assimilate and understand the rules which apply in cases that have an international element.

Commercial claims have long had an international element and the same is increasingly true for employment cases in particular in employee competition or team moves where, for example, a defendant in country A is orchestrating a team move in country B. This book assists practitioners by having the law relevant to these sorts of cases in one place in an easy to understand manner. It states the law applicable in particular to both commercial and employment cases. This covers both High Court claims but also, in its employment section, statutory claims involving employees who work abroad or otherwise may be said to lack a connection with the UK.

It uses examples to augment the statement of the law and offers tactical and strategic guidance based on real cases.

As well as providing a guide to the law, comment on the strategy and tactics underlying claims and defences are provided and examples of how these matters can and do play out in practice are given.