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Income Tax

Arthur Cox Employment Law Yearbook 2018

Arthur Cox Employment Law Group
Bloomsbury Professional
Law Stated At:
1 December 2018
Chapter 20: Taxation Credit and Reliefs Tax Treatment of Remuneration Paid to Family Members Deductibility for Expenses in Respect of Annual Membership Fees Paid to Professional Bodies VAT Treatment of Staff Secondments Exemption from Income Tax for Certain Payments made under Employment Law Tax Treatment of Recoup Payments in Cases Where an Employee has been Overpaid PAYE Exclusion Orders Salary Sacrifice Arrangement Tax Relief for Key Employees Engaged in Research and Development Activities Tax Treatment (PAYE) of Employees who Exercise Non-Irish Employments in Ireland Consolidation of Revenue Guidance on Share Schemes Emoluments Paid to Proprietary Directors Taxation of Compensation for Breach of Statutory Employment Rights ...

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