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Employment Law and Pensions

Author: David Pollard

ISBN: 9781526525857

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Edition: 2nd

Publication Date: 2023

Publisher: Bloomsbury Professional

Employment Law and Pensions

Employment Law and Pensions

Save time with the only dedicated text on the market that deals with the intersection of pension and employment law issues.

Alongside a comprehensive overview of pensions provision in the UK, this title is organised into seven parts to guide you through the distinct issues concerning these intersecting disciplines. These include the obligations of employers, unlawful discrimination, employment contracts, employers’ powers and consultation, TUPE and the cessation of employment.

The Second Edition has been fully updated to include:

  • New cases across all seven parts of the work, assessing their impact on practice and procedure, including Walker v Innospec in the Supreme Court and IBM v Dalgeish and Bradbury v BBC in the Court of Appeal
  • New chapters covering:
    • disability discrimination and pensions
    • the definition of pensionable pay in a pension trust
    • Braganza duties on employers
    • whether TUPE transfers third party obligations
  • The impact of Brexit on pensions provision in the UK