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1KBW on Enforcement in Financial Remedy Proceedings

Authors: Richard Harrison KC, Harry Oliver KC, Laura Moys, Charlotte Hartley, Thomas Dance, Max Turnell, and Elle Tait

ISBN: 9781526522573

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Publication Date: 2023

Publisher: Bloomsbury Professional

1KBW on Enforcement in Financial Remedy Proceedings

1KBW on Enforcement in Financial Remedy Proceedings

Almost every contested financial case raises issues of enforcement. Even if these issues do not materialise, it is essential for practitioners to be alive to them when they are negotiating settlements or pursuing an application for financial orders. This work provides a comprehensive guide to enforcement issues both in terms of substantive and procedural law. It also covers international cases where especially difficult issues are often thrown up, offering practical guidance on how such issues might be addressed.

The work covers:

  • General enforcement and specific orders under FPR 2010, Part 33
  • A range of orders including freezing orders, search orders and mandatory orders
  • Committal proceedings and sequestration
  • Obtaining a ‘Hadkinson’ order
  • Assets held in trust including ‘sham’ trusts
  • Enforcement of overseas orders
  • Issues thrown up by international cases

Written by specialist family barristers from 1KBW under the general editorship of Richard Harrison KC, this book provides guidance in and understanding of this complex area of law with flowcharts and tables, setting out challenging issues in a concise and digestible way.

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