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A Guide to Expert Witness Evidence

Authors: Mark Tottenham, Emma Jane Prendergast, Ciaran Joyce, and Hugh Madden

ISBN: 9781847667175

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Publication Date: September 2019

Publisher: Bloomsbury Professional

Law As Stated At: 21 August 2019

A Guide to Expert Witness Evidence

A Guide to Expert Witness Evidence

A Guide to Expert Witness Evidence is a uniquely comprehensive exploration of expert witness evidence in Ireland.

This new book places the expert witness in context, giving an overview of the Irish legal system both civil and criminal, and the different types of quasi-judicial tribunals and arbitration/mediation procedures.

Once placed in this context, the practicalities of the expert witness' role are explored. The book explains who can be an expert witness, the scope and the limits of evidence given by expert witnesses, and the function and duty of expert witnesses. A key part of the book examines the role of the expert in a pre-trial context, including report writing, as well as the expert giving evidence in court. The book then examines experts in various contexts, whether in the commercial courts, family law, local authority disputes, or criminal, medical and engineering trials.

The book is not only aimed at lawyers but also potential expert witnesses. In this way the book is a truly comprehensive guide to expert witness evidence, detailing not only the background and the logistics but also the practicalities.