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FAQs for Mediators

Author: Stephen Walker

ISBN: 9781526500861

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Edition: First

Publication Date: 2017

Publisher: Bloomsbury Professional

FAQs for Mediators

FAQs for Mediators

What do I do now? Every mediator asks themselves this.

Answering 50 common ethical, practical and technical problems that arise at mediations, with key practice points highlighted in Q&A format.

Topics include:

Impartiality: You arrive at the mediation and suddenly realise that you know one of parties. What do you do?

Joint Opening Sessions: One side wants one the other doesn't. What do you do?

Bad behaviour: One party is secretly recording the mediation. What do you do?

Offers: Neither side will make an offer. They both say they want to hear from the other side first. What do you do?

Stages covered:


At the mediation

The End of the Mediation and After

Each entry includes:

The core issues behind the question

Case studies of authentic, anonymized, true-life examples The ethical, legal, procedural and commercial issues highlighted and explained in straightforward language

Advice on your options: proven tips for immediate use

Checklists, sample emails, scripts and templates.

Cross-references to cases, protocols, codes of conduct.