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Football and the Law

Authors: Nick De Marco, Nick De Marco, Richard Bush, Andrew Smith, James Kitching, Kieron Beal, Diya Sen Gupta, Gayatri Sarathy, Louise Skinner, Jane Mulcahy, Ian Lynam, Liz Coley, Christopher Jeans, Steven Flynn, Stephen Sampson, Annabel Mace, Katie Smith, Jonathan Ellis, James Eighteen, Kendrah Potts, Marcos Motta, Rodrigo Morais, Gustavo Awad, Daniel Lowen, Paul Fletcher, Tom Grant, Joseph Thompson, Oliver Hunt, Leon Farr, Graham Shear, Andrew Street, Chris Walsh, Jamie Singer, Tom Murray, Simon Leaf, Neil Baylis, Alistair McHenry, Philip Turton, Thomas de la Mare, Ravi Mehta, Michael J Beloff, Shane Sibbel, George Molyneaux, Nick Bitel, Zane Shihab, James Thorndyke, Tim Owen, Gavin Millar, Sara Mansoori, Jim Sturman, Christopher Saad, James Segan, Tom Mountford, Zafar Ansari, Karim Bouzidi, Alastair Campbell, Nick Cusack, Jonas Baer-Hoffmann, Alexandra Gómez Bruinewoud, Edwin Glasgow, Peter Stockwell, Ian Mill, Sam Beer, Mark Hovell, Despina Mavromati, Michele AR Bernasconi, and Jan Kleiner

ISBN: 9781526521842

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Edition: Second

Publication Date: 2022

Publisher: Bloomsbury Professional

Football and the Law

Football and the Law

Football is the biggest game in the world and the richest. This has contributed to the growth of legal issues and disputes in football and to an increasingly specialised legal services market in football. Since 2002, approximately half of all sports disputes before the Court of Arbitration in Sport (CAS) have been in football.

Football and the Law provided the first comprehensive review of the law relating to all aspects of football, including all the main regulatory and commercial aspects of the sport. With contributions from over 50 of the leading experts in the field, it is a valuable resource to lawyers and others active in the football industry, as well as a vital source of material to students, legal practitioners and others who wish to learn more about the area. The work includes reference to the key legal principles, cases and regulatory materials relevant to football.

The key developments for the 2nd Edition include:

  • Refiguration of European football/ ESL breakaway / new international structures
  • Independent regulation of football
  • Impact of Brexit Safeguarding – child abuse in football
  • Growth of racism and regulatory responses
  • FIFA banning ‘bridge loans’ (relevant to third party ownership)
  • FIFA’s new plans to regulates agents and cap fees
  • Emergence of salary caps in football and legal challenges to them
  • Various high profile Financial Fair Play cases Class action in football re head injuries
  • Challenges to Owners and Directors test – calls for independent regulator
  • New chapter covering developments in CAS cases