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Gringras: The Laws of the Internet

Author: Dr Paul Lambert

ISBN: 9781526506320

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Edition: 5th

Publication Date: 2018

Publisher: Bloomsbury Professional

Gringras: The Laws of the Internet

Gringras: The Laws of the Internet

The free flow of information and services around the world via the Internet constantly creates new issues and problems, such as rules of jurisdiction and applicable law, how new products and services should be regulated and many more.

Gringras: The Laws of the Internet Fifth Edition is updated with numerous new practical examples, cases (court cases and ICO complaint cases), laws and developments, including the following:

- The new Data Protection Act

- The GDPR

- New data risks, breaches, penalties and fines

- Data Protection Officers

- Increasing emphasis on data, lifespan, harm, deletion and forgetting

- Pre-problem solving new and proposed internet and tech applications, from processes, audits, impact assessments, data protection by design, etc.

- Intellectual property developments, in particular trade marks and copyright

- Revenue and tax developments

- eCommerce and mCommerce

- new online crimes and offences (including online threats and abuse), and relevant caselaw

- there are also associated tort law developments included

- many new competition related developments have occurred since the previous edition and are set out in detail

- there is increasing policy and legal debate in relation to the potential need for new regulation of certain internet related activities.