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International Succession Laws

Edited by:
Nicola Saccardo and Piers Master, Charles Russell Speechlys LLP
Bloomsbury Professional
Publication Date:
April 2024
C Canada COVID-19, emergency orders for, C2.27 domicile, change of, C2.19 European Union Succession Regulation, C2.18 executors and administrators, authority of derivation of, C2.42 foreign personal representatives, C2.43 family provision, claim for, C2.8 federal state, as, C2.1 heirs, position of, C2.44 immovables intestate succession, C2.4 movables distinguished, C2.5 testamentary trust of, C2.24 inheritance dependant, claim by, C2.8 general principles, C2.2 matrimonial property rights, C2.9 testate succession governing law, C2.11 issues, C2.10 will see wills below information publicly available on death, C2.26 intestacy immovables, succession to, C2.4 movables, succession to, C2.3 rights on, ...

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