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International Succession Laws

Edited by:
Nicola Saccardo and Piers Master, Charles Russell Speechlys LLP
Bloomsbury Professional
Publication Date:
April 2024
I India charities accumulation of income and conditions, I1.67 business income, I1.71 capital gains exemption, I1.69 donations to other charities, I1.70 generally, I1.66 income from voluntary contributions, I1.68 winding-up, I1.72 choice of law, I1.55 coparceny, I1.3 , I1.7 cross-border issues choice of law, I1.55 conclusiveness of foreign judgments, I1.58 enforcement of foreign judgments, I1.59 presumption as to foreign judgments, I1.56 recognition of foreign court orders, I1.55 submission to jurisdiction of foreign court, I1.57 divorce Hindu law, I1.15 Muslim law, I1.27 domicile succession, I1.30 tax, I1.62 estate duty, I1.65 executors, I1.45 foreign court orders/judgments conclusiveness, I1.58 enforcement, I1.59 presumption, I1.56 recognition, I1.55 submission to jurisdiction of foreign court, I1.57 foreign wills, I1.42 gifts in contemplation of death, I1.31 grants of probate, I1.44 Hanafi law of inheritance distant kindred, I1.21 generally, I1.18 residuaries, I1.20 sharers, I1.19 Hindu law of succession coparceny, I1.3 divorce, I1.15 generally, I1.2 illegitimate children, I1.4 intestacy, I1.5– I1.14 ...

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