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S.I. No. 52 of 2008 Registration of Deeds Rules 2008

Irish Conveyancing Precedents

Edited by:
Margaret Walsh
Bloomsbury Professional Ltd
DIVISION F: DEEDS - GENERAL PRECEDENTS 3: MEMORIALS Commencement Interpretation Hours of business The Register Records kept by the Registry Applications for registration Serial numbers Endorsement of registration Inspection and searching Vesting Certificates Bankruptcy proceedings Discharge, release and receipt of mortgage Discharge, release and satisfaction of judgement mortgage Judgements, Orders, Decrees or Declarations of Court Notification or Order under the Land Reclamation Act 1949 Notice under the Family Home Protection Act 1976 Statement under the Family Home Protection Act 1976 Registration of ownership under the Registration of Deeds and Title Acts 1964 and 2006 Official Search ...

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