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Irish Conveyancing Precedents

Edited by:
Margaret Walsh
Bloomsbury Professional Ltd
L Land and Conveyancing Law Reform Act 2009 trusts P[18] Land Act consent E[43] Land Commission E[43] Land Registry caution O.1 combined conveyance and transfer E.3.1–E.3.7 exchange— registered for unregistered freehold H.6 unregistered for registered freehold H.5 mortgage sale, transfer of freehold E.9.2 sale by receiver E.6.1 transfer by person appointed under Trustee Act E.9.1 transfer of lands following judicial separation J.3.17 –3.20, 96, 97 Landlord and Tenant Act s L3 background L3 continuous occupation L4 contracting–out L4 Ground Rents Acts s22(1) O.1 Landlord and Tenant (Amendment) Act 1980 E.2.5 s 74 E.1.12 offices L4 renunciation L4 landlord and tenant change of use ...

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