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Irish Conveyancing Precedents

Edited by:
Margaret Walsh
Bloomsbury Professional Ltd
P parcels E[25] parties address E[8] beneficiaries E[8] capacity E[8] description E[8] equitable interests E[8] freehold estate E[8] name E[8] overreachable interests E[8] resulting trusts E[8] sub–sale E[8] trustees E[8] partition assignment deed F.2.5 equality money F.2.5 of freeholds F.2.5 of leaseholds F.2.6 sale in lieu of O.1 suit O.1 partners death of N30–42 general obligations N29 introduction of new partner N29 voting N29 partnership agreement, variation N21 business of N26 co–ownership arrangements and N7–10, 11–20 death of partner N30–40 definition N5, 25 dissolution N42 indemnity N28 introduction of ...

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