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Irish Conveyancing Precedents

Edited by:
Margaret Walsh
Bloomsbury Professional Ltd
W way, rights of fee simple, grant in G.1.1 mortgagee consent (prior to 1 December 2009) G.1.3 consent (after 1 December 2009) G.1.4 mutual grants G.1.6 prescription G.1.4 O.1 registered land G.1.2 release G.1.7 statutory declaration G.1.5 substituted G.1.8 wayleaves E.8.1 widow E.1.9 wife see husband and wife wills brother— provision for elderly brother R.1.9 capital acquisitions tax— insurance policy proceeds R.2.25.2 charitable legacy for masses R.2.22 chattels, R.2.16 jewellery, gift of R.2.16.3 legacy to executors/memorandum of wishes R.2.16.2 simple gift, household content s R.2.16.1 codicil, declaration R.2.5 copyright R.2.21 debts, R.2.19 release R.2.19.1 release of childrens’ debts, provision for residue R.2.19.2 divorcee— no children but large extended family members with residue passing to grandnieces/nephew s— all minors R.1.18 over 18 R.1.17 disposition, freedom of R.10—20 donation of body R.2.13.1 entire estate, gift of, to— all children/named individuals equally R.1.2 brothers and sisters and children of predeceased brother R.1.3 one ...

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