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Irish Conveyancing Precedents

Edited by:
Margaret Walsh
Bloomsbury Professional Ltd
C capital acquisitions tax J[9], P15 capital gains tax P15 case law O.1 certificates deeds, required in Land Act E.5.4, F.1.9 Revenue F.1.10 value, for E[43] voluntary dispositions J[6] charges see also mortgage crystallised E.6.7 floating E.6.1 mutual, apportionment of rent E.2.7 charitable trusts P[16], P.7 see also Commissioners of Charitable Donations and Bequests for Ireland new trustee s— application to appoint D.1.4 deed of appointment D.1.3 order of appointment D.1.5 sale of land D7 title, kept off D9 charities executor, oath I.1.8 last surviving trustee— conveyance by personal representative D.1.2 conveyance by surviving trustees D.1.1 deed of appointment by personal representative D.1.3 Civil ...

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