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Irish Income Tax: 2021

Author: Tom Maguire

ISBN: 9781526513793

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Publication Date: June 2021

Publisher: Bloomsbury Professional

Law As Stated At: April 2021

Irish Income Tax: 2021

Irish Income Tax: 2021

'The Bible of Irish income tax...' - Irish Independent, 28 January 2018

Tom Maguire's annual publication on Irish income tax is the long-established leading authority in the area. This immensely popular tax essential is the number one income tax book for tax practitioners, accountants and tax lawyers. Indispensable in practice, it will help you to apply the relevant legislation with ease and precision.

It endeavours to provide a complete analysis of the principles and practice of income tax in the Republic of Ireland. This new edition is based on the Finance Act 2020. It also provides an examination of recent key decisions by the courts both here and in the UK, as well as by the Tax Appeal Commissioners.

The 2021 edition deals with changes in relation to pandemic unemployment payments, the dependent relative tax credit and the mobility allowance. In particular the new edition examines the impact of the Covid Restrictions Support Scheme, which is available to eligible businesses who carry on an activity that is impacted by the Covid-19 Restrictions.