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RFID and privacy: a difficult marriage?

Communications Law

Edited by:
Dr Peter Coe
Bloomsbury Publishing plc
Publication Date:
January 2024
(2005) Vol 10, No 3 Introduction RFIds’ potential for multidisciplinary applications RFIds: a ‘privacy invasive’ technology? Towards a ‘privacy protecting’ RFID technology From theory to practical implementation of RFID systems Rule 2: Are the purposes of the envisaged processing clearly defined and respected? Rule 3: Is the implementation and management of the given RFID system fully transparent to data subjects? Rule 4: To what extent is the processing of personal data by the use of RFIds justified? Rule 5: Have specific security measures been taken to strengthen the privacy-enhancing aspects of the RFID system in use? Rule 6: What is the legal and standards-setting framework that needs to be taken into account, in view of the deployment of the specific RFID system? Conclusion and the way forward ...

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