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Case Notes & Comments

Communications Law

Edited by:
Dr Peter Coe
Bloomsbury Publishing plc
Publication Date:
May 2024
(2015) Vol 20, No 3 Introduction The claims The issues before the court Whether misuse of private information is a tort for the purposes of CPR PD 6B paragraph 3.1(9) The meaning of damage in section 13 of the DPA, in particular, whether there can be a claim for compensation without pecuniary loss Does ‘damage’ in article 23 of the Directive include non-pecuniary loss? The construction of section 13(2) of the DPA Article 47 of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights (‘the Charter’) Whether there is a serious issue to be tried that the BGI is personal data under the DPA Whether in relation to the claims for misuse of private information and under the DPA there is a real and substantial cause of action Conclusion ...

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