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Privatisation, ‘Mission Creep’ and Lack of Home Office Legal Conscientiousness in the Immigration Application Process

Journal of Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Law

Edited by:
Alan Desmond
Bloomsbury Professional
Publication Date:
February 2024
(2020) Vol 34, No 1 IANL 1: Introduction 2: Two telling cultural and political differences between the EU Settlement Scheme and the regime applying to non-EU nationals 3: For non-EU applicants, the precise rules applying to an applicant are effectively hidden from them 4: Changes in rules and procedures are explicitly introduced with no or little warning 5: The content of the new online forms, and the application requirements, are effectively hidden from the applicant 6: Mission creep – the requirements set out in the application forms do not match, and often go beyond, the requirements of the relevant rules 7: Privatisation and ...

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