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Land Registry Adjudication

Author: Dominic Crossley

ISBN: 9781847669469

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Edition: 1st

Publisher: Bloomsbury Professional

Land Registry Adjudication

Land Registry Adjudication

Land Registry Adjudication is the new specialist title covering the process of appearing before the Adjudicator to HM Land Registry – the new judicial proceedings established under the provisions of the Land Registration Act 2002.

Written from the viewpoint of the practitioner, this title provides practical advice and guidance for those who find themselves in the midst of, or are contemplating bringing, adjudication proceedings. It guides readers through each procedure and rule in the process and forewarns of the pitfalls and problems that are likely to be encountered along the way, suggesting solutions for each step.

Referrals from the Land Registry

Focusing on the adjudication process Land Registry Adjudication looks at referrals from many origins including those from the Land Registry and those that have come through the rectification of certain categories of document set out in Section 108 of the Land Registration Act 2002.

Practical Assistance

To ensure practitioners have all the tools needed to build a successful case in their hearing, this new title provides useful specimen forms and precedents such as: Notice of Referral and Case Summary from the Land Registry; Statements of Case; Typical Directions and Orders of the Adjudicator; Witness Statements and; Application forms for Rectification of Documents.

To equip readers with background knowledge of the area, summaries of Adjudicator's decisions are provided along with key legislation, for example it includes relevant extracts from: Land Registration Act 2002; Land Registration Rules 2003; Adjudicator to Her Majesty's Land Registry (Practice and Procedure) Rules 2003; Land Registration (Referral to the Adjudicator to HM Land Registry) Rules 2003; Land Registration Act 1925 and; Law of Property Act 1925.

Who will find this book useful?

This is an essential title for busy practitioners who do not have time to work through cumbersome looseleaf texts. Property lawyers, general litigation lawyers and any practitioner who needs easy access to this relatively new field of practice will find it a great asset in taking cases through adjudication proceedings successfully.